Best Basement Waterproofing Products

Best Waterproofing Products

As experts in the field, we are always looking for newer and better technology in basement waterproofing products. From Polyethylene Membrane to Air Purification systems, we use some of the best waterproofing technology available on the market.


HYDRO GUARD PRO SERIES is an elastomeric, liquid applied, emulsified asphalt membrane designed for waterproofing walls and other structures.

We love it because it has excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, preserved wood, metal, and polystyrene insulation (ICF). It can even be applied to damp or green concrete.



Waterproofing Reinforcement Sheet serves as extra protection as it resists damage from soil acids and alkalis. The product is used as reinforcement with both hot and cold applied waterproofing membranes. The mat provides tensile strength and control of thickness.

When applied, the Waterproofing Reinforcement Sheet creates a stronger, more porous bond between the layers of membrane.


AQUA BLOC 720-38

RCC uses this product for waterproofing poured and block foundation walls, insulated concrete forms (ICF), footings, split slab floors, and retaining walls for residential construction.

We especially like this product because it maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range, which is important during our hot summers and cold winters.



DMX Drain 5M is composed of a high-density polyethylene membrane (DMX AG CCMC #13182-R) laminated to a geotextile fabric. The membrane is installed on the foundation wall with the raised dimples placed away from the wall.

We love this product because it is highly resistant to chemical interaction and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years when properly installed.

The use of our DMX 5M drainage board provides excellent protection and diffuses hydrostatic pressure around any structure to promote positive drainage to outlets.



A window well can add some much needed natural light to a dark basement. It is also necessary to keep those wells safe and dry. We prefer to install window well covers that are light weight with a swivel and sliding hinge which allows for easy opening in the event of an emergency.

The window well cover also helps to keep out unwanted rodents and critters.

We recommend using Conquest Steel Window Well Covers as they are built to withstand our harsh Canadian Winters.

Check out more useful tips on how to choose the right window well cover for your home.

Window Well Cover


The RCC team offers one of the most reliable sump pump systems in Canada! With a secondary sump pump included in the Triple Guard System, you can feel secure. If the first pump cannot keep up with water flow and becomes overwhelmed, the second pump will take over and run simultaneously.

In the event of power failure – a third battery back-up sump pump will take over – automatically!

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Triple Guard Sump Pump


The Freeze Relief valve is an overflow device that allows water to escape from the sump pump discharge line if it becomes frozen or blocked for any reason. This device is crucial in the winter months. In the cold weather, lines can become frozen or blocked with snow and ice, causing the water from your sump pump to become trapped and flow back into your basement.

The Freeze Relief is a must when installing a sump pump to ensure that the water will automatically continue to run through the normal route.

Freeze Relief Valve


We at RCC use the WhiteCap Crawl Space Vapor Barrier because it is a durable, professional grade liner. It also serves as a vapor barrier system with a poly-cord reinforcement and an anti-microbial additive manufactured right into the material.

This product essentially encapsulates the crawl space, providing a protective layer between your home and the damp earth.

Keep in mind that more than 50% of the air you breathe inside your home rises directly from the crawl space. When coupled with a good air purification system, the WhiteCap Vapor Barrier will protect your crawl space from water intrusion, mold, rodents, insects, wood rot and musty odors… providing a safe, clean space for storage.

WhiteCap Vapor Barrier


Most basements require a dehumidifier. We recommend the Aprilaire dehumidifier to protect your home against mildew, odors, and mold that can form in your damp or wet basement.

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Poor air quality can affect your health and the quality of your life! The Aprilaire dehumidifier is designed for heavy usage in damp basements and a long life, including a 5 year all-inclusive warranty.

While it is not the cheapest dehumidifier available on the market, this system can help reduce your energy costs by increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling a home. And really, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.


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As industry leaders and innovators we are always on the lookout for great Waterproofing products. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for our list.

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