Aqua Bloc 770-06 Solvent Based (10 Year Warranty)

Elastomeric Liquid Membrane


Aqua-Bloc® 770-06 is a one component elastomeric waterproofing compound designed to replace conventional hot mop felt ply and/or pre-formed sheeting systems. It is applied in a single application, which cures through solvent evaporation to provide a heavy-duty “seamless” rubber-like, impervious membrane.

Physical Properties

Complies with CAN/CGSB-37.58

  • Colour: Black
  • Solids by Weight: 65% (approx.)
  • Weight: 0.94 kg/l (7.7 lbs/gal U.S.)
  • Coverage: 2.5 l/m2 (6 U.S. gal/100ft2) (approx.) for 2.25 mm (90 mils) minimum wet thickness.
  • Service Temperature: Minus 40C to 85C
  • Elongation (ASTM D412): 1500%
  • Recovery: 85%
  • Shore A Hardness: 35
  • Chemical Resistance: Non-resistant to oils or solvents. Resists mild acids, alkalis, salt and calcium chloride solutions.
  • Setting Time:@ 45% R.H. 25C
  • Initial Set – 8 Hours / Set Through – 24 Hours
  • Application Temp: -12C minimum
  • Water Vapour Permeance (ASTM E96) @ 2.25 mm (90 mils) 2.9 ng/Pa.m2.s (0.05 perms)
  • Flammability: Wet/Flammable – Dry/Burns
  • Seamless rubberized asphalt membrane
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, cement and metal
  • Retains flexibility over wide temperature range
  • Cold applied requires no special equipment, such as kettles
  • Resistant to mild acid, alkalis, salt and calcium chloride solutions
  • Easily transported to small or “hard to get at” applications

Aqua-Bloc® 770-06 may be used for above, on, and below grade installation for waterproofing parking decks, tunnels, planters, mechanical rooms, reflective pools and foundation walls. Excellent compound to repair hot rubberized asphalt membranes such as 790-11


Not designed to perform as a permanently exposed surface. Must be protected from damage during construction.

Solvent in Aqua-Bloc® 770-06 attacks polystyrene insulation. Curing of the membrane should take place before polystyrene insulation is in direct contact. Do not use in potable water installations.


All surfaces must be sound, dry, and free from grease, dirt or other contaminants and must be reasonably smooth. Allow a minimum of fourteen days curing time on all new concrete. Prior to application, the deck should be blown with compressed air, vacuumed or thoroughly swept with a soft bristle broom. Curing compounds must be removed prior to application of membrane. Joints, cracks, and wall junctions require preparation. Refer to Guide Specification.


For detailed application, see Guide Specification. Condition materials at room temperature prior to application. Apply material with a trowel, long-handle squeegee or suitable spray equipment to a minimum thickness of 2.25 mm (90 mils). In direct sunlight, membrane may develop blisters on precast and cast-in-place concrete due to the expansion of air in voids. This can be overcome by applying 2 layers of Aqua-Bloc® 770-06 reinforced between layers with Polyester Fabric.

Protection of Membrane

Both horizontal and vertical areas should be adequately protected from puncture where there is any danger of damage occurring to the membrane during construction and the form of protection will vary with job conditions. Asphalt Protection Board or 990-31 Protection Board should be used as protection. Work only off boards previously placed. The protection may be placed any time after the membrane material has attained its initial set. Protection layer may be adhered using 230-21 Rigid Insulation Adhesive.

Insulation board may be adequate as protection. After Aqua-Bloc® 770-06 membrane has been allowed to cure, polystyrene insulation can be adhered to the membrane using 230-21 Rigid Insulation Adhesive.

Clean Up

Use mineral spirits.


Contains flammable solvents. Take suitable fire precautions. Do not allow smoking or welding in working area. Keep away from heat and open flame. Use in well ventilated areas. Keep containers covered when not is use.

Harmful if swallowed.