DMX Drain 5m – Soil Side Drainage Membrane

High-density Polyethylene Membrane

DMX Drain 5M is composed of a high-density polyethylene membrane (DMX AG CCMC #13182-R) laminated to a geotextile fabric. The soil side drainage membrane is meant to allow water that leaks towards the foundation wall to flow through the drainage membrane down to the weeping tile that is placed at the footings of the basement foundation. The membrane is the last layer that is fixed onto the wall, after the two layers of Hydro Guard rubberized membrane and a waterproofing reinforcement mesh are placed. This is one of the most important pieces of the waterproofing system that waterproofing companies must install when performing a basement foundation repair.

The membrane is rolled out and installed on the exterior foundation wall with the raised dimples placed away from the foundation wall. The drainage membrane is then secured to the foundation wall using specialized plastic washers and concrete nails. A special strip is then installed to cap off the drainage membrane to prevent water from getting in between the wall and membrane. Now that the soil side drainage membrane is properly installed, the weeping tile and 3/4 inch gravel can be added in next.