DMX – Air-Gap Drainage Membrane (10 Year Warranty)

Lock out moisture, mold and mildew. Lock in comfort and peace of mind with HYDRO-GUARD. It’s a tough barrier, made from durable recycled plastics, that wraps even cracked and weeping concrete walls so that water just can’t seep into the home.

For Superior Basement Protection

  • Outlasts conventional damp proofing materials
    – E.P.A. rated 300 years
  • Directs water into weeping tiles
  • Unaffected by cracking due to frost or settlement – forms a protective layer independent of the structure
  • Complete installation can be carried out in 1 day or less

Exterior Water Protection

  • Control of mold, mildew fungus and musty odors
  • Elimination of unhealthy spores and gases
  • Relief form allergies
  • Prevention of water damage to wood, brick and concrete
  • Reduced heating and dehumidifying costs
  • Warmth, instead of cold damp wintery rooms
  • Comfort, instead of sultry summertime humidity
  • Increased property value and added “saleability”