DMX – Air-Gap Drainage Membrane

Lock out moisture, mold and mildew. Lock in comfort and peace of mind with a HYDRO GUARD drainage membrane. It’s a tough barrier, made from durable recycled plastics, that wraps even cracked and weeping concrete walls so that water just can’t seep into the home. RCC Waterproofing is a waterproofing contractor that uses professional grade waterproofing material and the air-gap drainage membrane is one of more important steps in the waterproofing system.

The air-gap drainage membrane is rolled out and installed on the exterior foundation wall with the raised dimples placed away from the foundation walls. The drainage membrane is then secured to the basement foundation wall using special plastic washers and concrete fasteners. A plastic strip is placed horizontally on top of the drainage membrane to cap it off, preventing water from getting stuck in between the wall and membrane. Now the air-gap drainage membrane is properly installed and weeping tile and 3/4 inch gravel can be added to the trench, finishing the waterproofing system.

For Superior Basement Protection

  • Outlasts conventional damp proofing materials
    – E.P.A. rated 300 years
  • Directs water into weeping tiles
  • Unaffected by cracking due to frost or settlement – forms a protective layer independent of the structure
  • Complete installation can be carried out in 1 day or less

Exterior Water Protection

  • Control of mold, mildew fungus and musty odors
  • Elimination of unhealthy spores and gases
  • Relief form allergies
  • Prevention of water damage to wood, brick and concrete
  • Reduced heating and dehumidifying costs
  • Warmth, instead of cold damp wintery rooms
  • Comfort, instead of sultry summertime humidity
  • Increased property value and added “saleability”