Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Think About Basement Waterproofing!

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Autumn is a Great Time to get your Basement Waterproofing Done

Now is the perfect time to think about getting your basement waterproofing done! In Spring, waterproofing is done often reactionary to the basement flooding from the Spring Thaw and increased rainfall. During the Summer, you are hopefully using your backyard to live life to the fullest, or you are working on all your backyard projects like building your deck, creating a new patio, installing that swimming pool you were thinking of getting, and other projects. Now it’s Fall and it’s a great time to think about preparing your foundation for future seasonal changes, including the harsh and slushy winters that we usually get here in Ontario.

One of the main reasons Fall is so good to have basement waterproofing done is that there is less moisture in the air, making the conditions for both exterior waterproofing and interior waterproofing more ideal. Getting a full interior waterproofing system installed in time for winter helps decrease the amount of moisture circulating through your basement, that breeds spores like mold and mildew. You will notice how much better the air quality in your basement will become when you are in the winter season and using your basement living space far more often than you would during the summer. Your health is important and your basement doesn’t need to be a part of the house you have to avoid living in.

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From the RCC crew’s perspective, it is much easier to do exterior waterproofing in the Fall. During the winter, the ground is frozen solid and cold weather makes it not only tough on the crews to waterproof your home, but also to forecast the ideal day with the perfect conditions to complete the waterproofing job. In Spring, unless you are fixing a current basement leak that has sprung up from the spring thaw, scheduling our crews to come out and do the waterproofing job can be pretty difficult.

On top of having to forecast a day where we won’t be getting any rain, snow, or precipitation, often what happens is that many people are trying to schedule waterproofing services as well. Spring is a busy time for waterproofing and also the most difficult time to complete a project due to the loss of rainfall days and the saturation of soil from winter. Getting your waterproofing done in Autumn is a great time for our crews when it comes to ease of scheduling.

Rather than being reactionary, be preventative and if you have an old house, waterproof it in fall. That way by spring, you can re-seed, re-sod or put in all the landscaping work and not have to worry that your basement foundation will leak.

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We hope that we convinced you to consider getting your basement waterproofing done during the fall season. As a homeowner, you want to make sure you have no surprises come the Spring Thaw which could lead to unwanted additional costs in the form of basements floods and property damages. RCC Waterproofing is ready to help you take care of your basement waterproofing and secure it with a lifetime warranty guarantee. RCC also offers different types of services that give homeowners different options when it comes to waterproofing your home. Fall truly is the best time to get your home ready and we hope that you take the extra steps necessary to secure yourself from a wet basement.

Here are some additional last-minute tips to prepare you for the Winter months and Spring Thaw:

  • Make sure you clean out your eavestroughs more frequently during Fall as there is a much more likely chance of leaves clogging up your eavestroughs and downpipes and then freezing when the temperatures start to drop.
  • Check to see if the soil grading around your property has not washed away or flattened out over time. Grading is an excellent way to prevent water from settling and freezing beside your foundation wall.
  • Any concrete or brick mortar repair that you may need to do around the property should be done during Fall as it will be too cold in Winter for the mixture to dry and settle properly. This also includes if you would like to tar and caulk any surfaces around the exterior of your home.
  • Do not hesitate to contact RCC Waterproofing for advice on how you can keep your basement foundation and property leak free!

RCC Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs has been servicing Ontario customers for over 100 years. Their repairs have outlived lifetime warranties by at least two times. The company provides professionally trained sales representatives to view, assess and quote on repairs. The installers are employees of RCC and most have long term working relationships. RCC carries full insurance including WSIB coverage and HST registration.

RCC Waterproofing offers:
  • A Lifetime Waterproofing Guarantee!
  • 24-hour emergency services for Ontario residences
  • Fully trained technical sales representatives to view, assess and quote the repair
  • Over 100 years of third-generation family success both in products and services and superb warranty
  • Full-service options, providing either exterior or interior repairs depending on issues, location, and structure
  • A successful record of servicing over 75,000 customers

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