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Since 1920 homeowners and businesses in Waterloo have trusted RCC Waterproofing to solve their basement and foundation problems. With over 96 years of fixing wet basements, damp basements, foundation cracks and basement leaks, RCC’s basement waterproofing experience… servicing customers in Waterloo is second to none.

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RCC has been featured in many news articles, interviews and television appearances over the years, across news outlets from Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and more.

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Why Choose Us

Why RCC Waterproofing is the
Leading Basement Waterproofing
Contractor In Ontario

Waterloo Wet Basement Waterproofing.

Written estimate prior to basement waterproofing.

Waterloo basement waterproofing reviews and testimonials available.

Guaranteed lowest price in Waterloo for basement waterproofing and foundation repair!

Over 100,000 G.T.A and surrounding area foundations repaired and waterproofed.

Waterloo Wet Basements made permanently dry, from the inside or outside (with or without digging!)

Written guarantee upon basement waterproofing completion!

All basement waterproofing work guaranteed for 50 years!

Waterloo's most referred basement waterproofing Contractor.



RCC Waterproofing Jobsite

Internal Waterproofing for McDougall Rd, Waterloo, ON

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Concrete Foundation Waterproofing and Window Wells for Euclid Ave, Waterloo, ON

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Internal Drainage for Little Dover Cr, Waterloo, ON

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Repaired Concrete Foundation at Neilson Ave, Waterloo, ON

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Internal Drainage for Bridge St. W, Waterloo, ON

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Internal Waterproofing for Bluenose Cr, Waterloo, ON

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Sump Pump and Weepers for Atlantic Blvd, Waterloo, ON

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Waterproofing St. Moritz Ave, Waterloo, ON

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Internal Waterproofing and Sump Pump for Spring St W, Waterloo, ON

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