Toronto Basement Flooding & Water Damage

Toronto Basement Flood & Water Damage Services with RCC Flood Restoration

RCC Flood Restoration Toronto will solve your water leak and flood damage issues, which may come as a great surprise when you find them. Serious repercussions may arise from improper handling of clean water damage, including overflows, burst water lines, and ruptured hot water tanks. To stop any damage, our team of Toronto flood restoration specialists will evaluate the water damage using cutting-edge moisture meters and dry any damp areas with commercial-grade blowers and dehumidifiers. Things that can’t be thoroughly cleaned and dried are taken out. We’ll make sure your house is tidy, clean, and safe when we’re done.



Toronto Area Rug, Carpet Cleaning and Duct Cleaning

Our sister company, LoveYourRug, will be happy to assess your needs for duct cleaning, in-home carpet cleaning, or area rugs. Especially if they are handcrafted heirloom rugs that have been passed down through the years, these are the kinds of things that are commonly destroyed by floods in houses and don’t necessarily need to be thrown away.

Let RCC Flood Restoration Toronto take care of the problem!

We will find the source of the water floods and prevent it from doing further damage to your property

We will access and report to you the damages done as a result of the water flood

We will clean up the flood, remediate the space, and determine the areas that were directly and indirectly affected by the water

Assessing the Scope of the Damages

Even though each property damage scenario is unique, RCC Flood Restoration will adhere to the guidelines to ascertain the entire extent of the losses. This will make it possible for us to effectively provide the necessary emergency services and stop further property damage.


Determining the Affected Area – 3 Step Process

STEP 1: Establish the Water Damage Category

The water damage category, which is established by the water source, dictates what needs to be cleared out and cleaned.

Category 1 / Clean Water: This type of water originates from a clean source, like a bathtub, a busted supply line, or a flooded sink. It needs to be dried quickly to prevent the growth of mold.

Category 2 / Grey Water – Comes from washing machine or dishwasher overflow as well as seepage through the foundation. Though unsanitary, grey water doesn’t harbor bacteria or illnesses, so only highly permeable materials—like carpets—need to be disposed of.

Category 3 / Black Water – Typically the result of blockages in sewage drains. Black water is extremely contaminated and contains a large number of bacteria and viruses that could pose serious health risks. Contaminated items that cannot be cleaned must be removed, and the entire area needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using carefully prepared antimicrobial solutions in order to get rid of any remaining contamination.

STEP 2: Determining the Affected Area

To determine the wet and dry zones, RCC will first evaluate the amount of damage. A moisture meter and thermal imaging camera are used for this assessment. Once the damaged portions have been discovered, the prongs of the moisture meter are used to verify and record the moisture content of the impacted materials. Water may be hidden in areas that are not immediately obvious, therefore we must look beyond what is obvious. To make sure no area is missed, the walls of adjacent rooms must also be inspected.

STEP 3: Provide an Overview to the Property Owner

RCC will give the homeowner a brief outline of the steps required to clean up and dry up the affected area or areas after entering the property and evaluating the damage. Typical scopes would cover the following areas:

  • To reduce the risk of mold growth, it is important to keep track of the damages, tidy up the area, and install drying equipment in the afflicted area or areas.
  • Creating a thorough estimate for the required repairs.
  • Everything is estimated and invoiced at Xactimate’s insurance company rates.

RCC Flood Restoration will send the homeowner a client information sheet; all they have to do is fill it out; RCC will take care of the rest. Work will begin as soon as the homeowner reviews and gives the go-ahead.


Basement Waterproofing

If you have an urgent basement leak, RCC can assist you! The RCC team can waterproof both new and older homes since they have experience waterproofing basements on a range of foundation wall types. For your basement waterproofing jobs, we always use the best materials available and provide a lifetime warranty. Comparing our waterproofing costs to those of other companies, they are fair. Visit our Toronto Basement Waterproofing Page for more details, or use our Free Estimate & Consultation Form to get in touch with one of our waterproofing experts.