Basement Mould Removal Services

Basement Mould Removal Services with RCC Flood Restoration

Mould can grow as soon as three days following water damage, posing a major health risk to your loved ones. The mould cleanup and removal services are all provided by RCC Waterproofing Flood Restoration. We can assist you in detecting, locating, testing, identifying, removing, and treating mould development in your home or workplace.



Let RCC Flood Restoration take care of the problem!

We will find the source of the water floods and prevent it from doing further damage to your property

We will access and report to you the damages done as a result of the water flood

We will clean up the flood, remediate the space, and determine the areas that were directly and indirectly affected by the water

The Mould Remediation Process

The remediation process is the process of restoring the affected area to a dry and sanitary condition. This process involves 7 steps:
1. Set up floor protection
2. Remove standing water
3. Clear out the affected content
4. Set up a containment barrier(s)
5. Remove affected building material
6. Cleaning and disinfecting
7. Setting up drying equipment to dry out affected areas


Basement Waterproofing

If your emergency is a leak in your basement, RCC has you covered! Whether waterproofing new or older properties, the RCC team has experience doing basement waterproofing on many types of foundation walls. We guarantee your basement waterproofing projects with a lifetime warranty and only use the best waterproofing solutions for the task. Our waterproofing cost is comparable to those offered by other companies. Check out our Basement Waterproofing Page for more information or use our Free Estimate & Consultation Form to speak to one of our waterproofing consultants.