The Dangers of Foundation Cracks And How To Seal Your Basement

Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks mean that your home may be exposed to more than just the weather elements, especially in the summer when the likelihood of rodents and bugs or even soil gases entering your home is higher.

In order to protect your basement and crawlspace from these unwanted intruders, the foundation of your home must be completely sealed tight.

Here are some of the dangers that can occur when your foundation is not completely sealed:

More pests and rodents in your basement and crawl space

Those critters are going to love the damp, and cool temperatures in your basement or crawl space. Open gaps between your foundation blocks and cracks in the exterior brick allow pests and rodents to easily find a way in.  And once they’re in, things can get out of control.

So how can we keep them out? To reduce dampness and bugs RCC installs a White Cap Crawl Space Vapor Barrier which is a durable, professional grade liner. It serves as a vapor barrier poly-cord reinforcement system with an anti-microbial additive manufactured right into the material.





White Cap encapsulates the crawl space, isolating the home from the damp earth to stop destructive moisture. It protects your crawl space from water intrusion, mold, rodents, insects, wood rot and musty odors… providing a safe, clean space for storage.

Soil gasses such as Radon may be seeping into your home

Most homeowners are unaware of the various soil gasses that can build up around their home. Radon, for example, is a radioactive gas that builds up in rock and soil. In some cases, the gas can build up beneath your home and without a proper vent, will seep into your home and can cause some very serious health issues.

Even if you never spend time in your unfinished basement, Radon can creep into your home through floor boards, plumbing pipes, air ducts and chimneys.

In the video below, trusted contractor Mike Holmes talks about radon and why it’s important to get your home tested.

Certain geographical areas are more likely to show high levels of radon in the soil (see map below). This could be due to higher levels of uranium in the bedrock fault lines which allows for more movement of the radon gas from deep in the earth.

radon map canada 2013 update

Percent of radon measurements above 200 Bq/m3 by health region, 2009-2011. CAREX CANADA

Since the gas is colourless and odourless, you will not know if the gas is present unless you test for it.  You can purchase a radon monitor to check your home periodically and consult with a specialist to find out how to mitigate the risks.

The following recommendations are courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation¹

“WHAT YOU CAN DO Test your home for radon. One-time radon test kits are available from some hardware stores, businesses specializing in radon detection and mitigation, the Radiation Safety Institute and many lung associations across Canada for $30 to $60. The test device comes with instructions on how to set up the detector and send it to a laboratory for analysis after testing. The lab will calculate your average radon concentration. Some certified radon professionals also sell electronic radon monitors, which show weekly and monthly average concentrations on a digital display. These cost around $150. Measure concentrations over a period of at least 90 days, ideally during cooler seasons when windows are closed. If test results show elevated levels of radon, look for a certified radon professional in your area to advise you on mitigation options.”

¹David Suzuki Foundation Report

The good news is that a properly sealed foundation can take care of these issues and give you the assurance that your home is protected against these outside forces.

Foundation Cracks RCC Waterproofing

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