Waterproofing Newer Homes – New Construction

It is important to have an exterior waterproofing done on your home and there is no better time to have it done than when the foundation is under construction. Waterproofing newer homes is a service that we offer to contractors and new construction companies and RCC Waterproofing will utilize the exterior waterproofing process on your job site to fully waterproof the foundation. Let us worry about the basement foundation repair and rely on a trusted waterproofing contractor to make sure the job is done right.

Waterproofing your New Home is Critical

The exterior foundation is a critical part of your new home. A well-designed foundation supports the house and directs water away from the structure. Moisture management starts with the construction of the foundation itself. The building code for new residential requires minimal preparation for the building’s foundation. Commonly referred to as “damp proofing”.

The Difference Between Damp Proofing and Waterproofing

Preparation of the foundation during it’s construction is critical.  Damp proofing is a moisture-resistant coating that is applied to exterior foundation wall to minimize moisture migration from the ground through the foundation wall, especially into basements.  A liberal amount of damp proofing material is applied above and below grade. This damp proofing material is designed to keep out soil moisture but is not sufficient for protecting your home from liquid water.

Exterior Waterproofing will protect your home from foundation leaks that can happen as a result of hydrostatic pressure. Your foundation is poured concrete, and concrete is a porous material that is susceptible to moisture. Without proper protection, your foundation is exposed to soil moisture, hydrostatic pressure, and soil gasses. As moisture gathers around the foundation of your new home, hydrostatic pressure forces water through the porous concrete, causing cracks in the foundation and water in your basement.

The Waterproofing Process For Your New Home

Rubber membrane is applied to the exterior wall

Fabric mesh is embedded into the first coat of rubber membrane

Additional coat of rubber membrane applied over mesh

For drainage, RCC adds a soil side drainage system which is fastened to the foundation wall with the raised dimples placed away from the wall

Waterproofing During The Construction Stage Can Save You Thousands!

If you are pre-emptive and decide to hire a waterproofer to work on your new home’s exterior foundation during the building stage, you could save yourself tens of thousands down the road. The cost to waterproofing a new home will be minimal compared to the cost of excavating and repairing a damaged foundation, not to mention the inconvenience it will cause to you, especially if water damage happens after the basement is finished.