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Waterproofing Cracks Projects

Your basement will almost certainly be wet if your foundation has cracks. If the circumstances are ideal, epoxy crack injection can be one of the waterproofing options you can select when basement leaks do occur. A two-part epoxy resin is used in this kind of basement foundation repair to seal the area against leaks and more water damage. Using special ports, epoxy is pumped into the cracks in the foundation to fill them and repair the damage. It’s crucial to consult a waterproofing professional like RCC Waterproofing to conduct an examination and determine if this option can be used to fix a leaky basement because not all foundation cracks can be repaired using this technique. Here are a few of the nearby projects we’ve completed. Feel free to click on any of these projects to view more details and photos of the work we’ve done. You can rest assured that when you hire RCC, you’re getting the most experienced and reliable waterproofing company near you.