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Foundation Structural Repair Projects

A structural crack is one that is 1/4 inch or wider in width and that appears to be in the foundation wall. Engineer requirements are occasionally needed for waterproofing companies to repair structural foundation cracks in a basement. The first item to look for are significant foundation wall fissures. A horizontal crack suggests a significant problem. Although any cracks in a basement wall are undesirable, horizontal cracks are especially damaging. The basement wall is put under a lot of pressure because the earth, which is mostly made of clay, is constantly expanding and contracting, which causes horizontal fractures. Some walls have a propensity to bow, especially those supported by blocks. Here are a few of the nearby projects we’ve completed. Feel free to click on any of these projects to view more details and photos of the work we’ve done. You can rest assured that when you hire RCC, you’re getting the most experienced and reliable waterproofing company near you.