External Waterproofing- York St, London

Moe’s crew waterproofed three separate cracks, one starting 5′ from front, the second starting 20′ from the front and the last 5′ from rear. Excavation was done to weeping tile, and  4″ weeping tile with filter with 3/4 clear gravel added above. The weeping tiles were connected to existing discharge.

Hydro-guard commercial rubber was applied once the foundation wall had been cleaned and parged with hydraulic cement. After the first layer of rubberized material has been applied, a waterproofing reinforcement sheet is applied to strengthen the first layer and then lastly followed by the second layer of Hydro Guard.

The crew re-installed two window wells and installed a drain.

Sales Consultant: Brian Wood

Crew: Moe’s Crew

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External Waterproofing- York St, London