External Waterproofing- Markwood La, Thornhill

The crew excavated and waterproofed approximately 6ft on the left side of the house, starting 11ft from the back of the garage. 12 sq ft of concrete was cut and removed and topped off with gravel. Omar’s crew reinstalled one steel window well and added a new vertical drain.

Excavation was done to weeping tile, and  4″ weeping tile with filter and 3/4 clear gravel added above. Hydro-guard commercial rubber was applied once the foundation wall had been cleaned and parged with hydraulic cement.

If you are interested in these waterproofing services and would like to learn more, head over to our exterior waterproofing page.

Sales consultant: Den Ikonomi

Crew: Omar’s Crew

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External Waterproofing- Markwood La, Thornhill