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Wet Basement? Since 1920, homeowners and businesses trust RCC Waterproofing Pickering to solve their leaky basement problems with waterproofing solutions and basement foundation repair. With 100 years of fixing wet basements, damp basements, foundation cracks and basement leaks, RCC’s basement waterproofing experience is second to none and backed by a lifetime warranty. If you have a wet basement, RCC is the right waterproofing company near you.

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RCC Waterproofing

Industry-leading Waterproofing Services,
Products and Warranty

RCC provides a variety of Industry-Leading Waterproofing Solutions tailored for the foundation repair needed for your home. RCC’s team has experience waterproofing every type of foundation walls, whether they are older homes or new construction. We use the best waterproofing products for the job and back your basement waterproofing jobs with a lifetime warranty guarantee. Our Pickering waterproofing costs are competitive with the rest of the market.

Basement Waterproofing

Let’s face it – leaky basement floods are the worst nightmare of every homeowner. The damp and dark reality of a wet basement that is flooded from the outside water leaking in, does not have to be your reality. Whether you had your basement flooded once upon a time – or you want to prevent that from happening and are just taking precautions, let waterproofing contractors like us introduce you to basement waterproofing in Southern Ontario. When you search basement waterproofing near me, RCC Waterproofing can help prevent basement leaks using tried and true waterproofing solutions.

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Exterior Waterproofing – External Solution

Exterior waterproofing (or sometimes known as external waterproofing) repairs your leaky basement from the outside of your home by exposing the foundation walls and applying the necessary waterproofing material to create a foundation waterproofing system that will redirect and disperse water away from your foundation walls and away from your home. This is one of the best waterproofing solutions used to fix basement leaks and the most common way waterproofing contractors do a basement foundation repair.

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Interior Basement Waterproofing – Internal Solution

Interior waterproofing (or sometimes known as internal waterproofing) repairs your basement leaks from the inside of your home and is the best solution for a damp or wet basement. When your basement becomes damp and moist, it is best to have an interior waterproofing done in your basement to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which will create harmful smells and bacteria that affect your health. This is also one of the waterproofing solutions that will help take care of hydrostatic pressure that builds up and causes a wet basement.

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Sump Pump Services

A sump pump is a water pump that is used to remove water that has been collected in a water-collecting sump basin (sump pit), found in the basement of your home. The sump pit also has a cover to prevent debris from going in and damaging the mechanism. Sump pumps often work together with an interior waterproofing system, and waterproofing companies will recommend having both inside your basement to have a full waterproofing system. Our sump pumps can be installed with backup battery that will make sure your sump pump is always running, even when the power in your house has been disrupted.

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Basement Lowering/Underpinning

If you are looking for a more livable space in your home, your basement is the first and most perfect place you should look at. But what if your basement is unfinished or needs to be lowered to provide a comfortable space for your family? This is where waterproofing contractors can come in offering the service basement lowering or underpinning as it is most commonly known, which is important for expanding your living space in your basement. This waterproofing service will give you higher ceilings and more living space for you and your family in your basement. As well, underpinning is a great way to increase the value of your property.

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Waterproofing Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are almost certain to result in a wet basement when left unattended. When basement leaks do happen, an epoxy crack injection can be one of the waterproofing solutions that waterproofing companies can use provided the conditions are right. This type of basement foundation repair uses a two part epoxy resin to seal your foundation wall from water leaks and further water damage. The epoxy is injected into the foundation cracks using special ports placed inside the crack. Then the crack is filled and the epoxy solution bonds the pieces of concrete foundation back together.

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Waterproofing Newer Homes – New Construction

It is important to have an exterior waterproofing done on your home and there is no better time to have it done than when the foundation walls are under construction. Waterproofing newer homes is a service that we offer to contractors and new construction companies and RCC Waterproofing will utilize the exterior waterproofing process on your job site to fully waterproof the foundation walls. Let RCC Waterproofing worry about the leaky basement foundation repair and rely on trusted waterproofing contractors like us to make sure the job is done right and with our lifetime warranty.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawlspace Encapsulation is a waterproofing service that we offer to customers who have a crawlspace inside their homes. It is possible to have a leaky basement if your crawlspace is not properly waterproofed and we offer waterproofing solutions that solve this very specific issue. While it is more common for older homes to have a crawl space, RCC Waterproofing has plenty of experience doing this type of waterproofing job and we are a waterproofing contractor that will do a proper crawl space encapsulation and seal your home any water related issues that could happen.

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Foundation Structural Repair

A structural crack is where the foundation wall feels uneven or the width of the crack is about ¼” or wider. Some structural foundation cracks will require engineer specifications in order fo waterproofing companies to do a basement foundation repair. The obvious thing to look for is major cracks on the foundation wall. A horizontal crack means that there is a big problem. Though all cracks on the basement wall are generally bad, but horizontal cracks are serious. Horizontal cracks occur with the soil [mainly clay] constantly expanding and contracting putting the basement wall under a lot of pressure. Some walls especially block foundation walls tend to bow.

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Basement Flooding & Water Damage

Water lines that have been damaged, hot water tanks that have broken, water overflows, and other types of basement flooding can cause significant damage that will only get worse if not addressed quickly. Our flood restoration experts will use sophisticated moisture metres to assess the water damage and dry wet areas with commercial-grade blowers and dehumidifiers to prevent further damage.

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Basement Mould Removal Services

Mould can grow as quickly as three days after a basement flood has caused water damage to your home, putting your family’s health at risk. RCC Waterproofing Flood Restoration provides all mould cleanup and removal services that will get rid of the mould, mildew and other bacteria. We can help you detect, locate, test, identify, remove, and treat mould growth in your home or place of business, preventing further damage to the affected areas.

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Basement Sewage Cleanup

When it comes to sewage damage, timing is everything. RCC Waterproofing Flood Restoration understands how serious sewage water damage can be, and we can clean up sewage water damage as well as disinfect and sterilise the affected areas quickly and effectively. This is critical for preventing the spread of harmful bacteria that can lead to serious health problems and diseases like Hepatitis A, Tetanus, and Giardia.

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RCC has been featured in many news articles, interviews and television appearances over the years, across news outlets from Pickering, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and more. News sources trust RCC Waterproofing to provide the information customers need to know about waterproofing solutions.

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Why Choose Us

Why RCC Waterproofing is the
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Contractor In Pickering

Pickering Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Pickering Wet Basement waterproofing solutions to fix your leaky basement. RCC Waterproofing focuses on giving you the best waterproofing experience that will find the root of your basement leaks and make sure the foundation crack repair takes care of the issues. Our team is experienced in waterproofing basement walls and will ensure you are leaky basement free!

Waterproofing Costs & Written Estimates

Written estimate provided from our experienced sales representatives prior to basement waterproofing and any foundation repair. It’s important for our customers to have a conversation with our sales reps and hold a written estimate before commencing with any waterproofing job. RCC Waterproofing aims to give a competitive basement waterproofing cost for all customer's satisfaction.

Pickering Waterproofing Reviews

Pickering basement waterproofing reviews and testimonials available. RCC Waterproofing has profiles on every major construction industry review site like HomeStars and Trusted Pros where you can read reviews from other people who have used our waterproofing services. Our reputation is important and we encourage customers to talk about their basement leak repair experiences.

Guaranteed Lowest Waterproofing Costs in Pickering Area

Guaranteed lowest Pickering waterproofing cost for basement waterproofing and foundation repair! Our prices are competitive with the Pickering waterproofing market and all of our quoted work is sealed with our lifetime warranty guarantee. With the quality of our work from an experienced waterproofing crew, the knowledge of our seasoned sales reps and our consumer friendly lifetime warranty guarantee, you are getting the best waterproofing package in Pickering.

Over 10,000 Waterproofing Projects Completed in Pickering Area

We are a waterproofing contractor with over 100,000 foundations repaired and waterproofed in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, and all the surrounding areas. RCC Waterproofing crews service all of Southern Ontario providing all types of waterproofing solutions like exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing or underpinning. You can find a similar waterproofing job close to your home on our waterproofing projects page.

Permanently Dry Pickering Basements

Pickering Wet Basements made permanently dry, from the inside or outside (with or without digging!) Our experienced waterproofing crew offers a range of different waterproofing solutions designed for your unique leaky basement application. Whether it’s exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, foundation crack repair, or underpinning, we have plenty of waterproofing services to offer.

Waterproofing Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Written lifetime warranty guarantee upon basement foundation waterproofing completion! Our lifetime warranty guarantee is part of the relationship with our customers to make sure your basement foundation remains leak free for years to come. If there’s any leaky basement issues after our crew does your basement foundation repair, you can count on our foundation waterproofing crews to come and make it right.

Commercial Grade Waterproofing Products

We only use commercial grade waterproofing products like Hydro Guard! It’s important to have the very best waterproofing materials used in your waterproofing job. Hydro Guard rubberized membrane, in combination with the reinforcement mesh and drainage membrane, makes your foundation walls completely leak free. We only use the best waterproofing materials for your basement leak repair.

Most Referred Pickering Waterproofing Companies

Pickering most referred basement foundation waterproofing companies by our satisfied customers who have used our waterproofing services. When you search basement waterproofing near me, RCC will be there with lots of waterproofing testimonials. Customers appreciate our level of professionalism with every waterproofing job which includes keeping the site clean and tidy, removal of excess debris, and quality waterproofing work.



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