Internal Basement Waterproofing Done Right

Become Mold and Moisture Free by Interior Waterproofing you Basement Foundation

In this example, RCC Supervisor Anthony Parolin will demonstrate the correct process for internal basement waterproofing.

To start, we use an Internal Drainage System to de-water an area in the basement of the residential home. This job will also require the installation of a sump pump in the far corner of the room which will discharge the excess water out to the exterior of the home.

Weeping Tile and Sump Pump Installation

Weeping Tile Filter Cloth

First, we break the floor and expose the foundation. We expose the footings, trench it out and install the weeping tile with a filter cloth. We then connect the sump pump, which in this case also has a backup unit with a battery. This particular sump pump system allows us to have proper drainage, even in the event of a power outage.

Sump Pump

The trench must be at the proper elevation for the weeping tile. We install a 4-inch weeping tile with the filter cloth.

Weeping Tile Instillation

Next task is to install the sump pit in a location where the homeowner is best provided with proper drainage to the outside.

Sump Pit

We then apply membrane on top of the foundation wall which is a drainage board. Any water that proceeds to get in through structural cracks or rod holes will migrate down into the weeping tile and into the sump pump.

Membrane On Wall

The sump pump will then discharge the water out to the exterior of the home.

Sump Pump Discharge

Once the pipe has been installed and connected to the sump pump discharge, we put the clear gravel on top of the weeping tile and lay our cement base. The cement base will be at the same elevation as the existing concrete giving the floor an even finish and completely hiding the new interior drainage system.

Test Sump Pump

Before leaving the site we make sure that we test the sump pump to ensure it is operating at 100% and discharging water to the proper area.

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