Will Homeowner Insurance cover Street Creep?

Street Creep repairs are not cheap. It can range from $2,400 to $50,000 depending on the extent of the damage and the repairs involved. Sadly, homeowners can’t expect any help covering that bill.

Most homeowner insurance companies indemnify themselves with what is called “Earth Movement Exclusion.” Earth Movement is defined as: earthquake, landslide, mudflow, earth sinking, rising or shifting, or mine subsidence. This exclusion is usually part of your homeowner’s coverage and it allows your insurance to deny you a claim for the extreme costs of repairing your foundation walls and driveway damaged by Street Creep.

Municipalities own the road. So, why aren’t they responsible?

Most municipalities have a policy handling Street Creep claims. Their policy normally is that when there is “visible proof” of Street Creep they will make the necessary repairs to your driveway and decrease the potential for any future Street Creep problems. The municipality will not cover any damages to your home. The “visible proof” could be a cracked foundation causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Some city and community officials are taking preventative actions to minimize the occurrence of Street Creep in new developments. Some area officials require driveways constructed in areas prone to Street Creep have a four-inch expansion joint at the back of the curb, a one-inch expansion joint at the back of the sidewalk or near the property line and a two-inch expansion joint adjacent to the garage floor.

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