What types of back-up sump pumps are their?

There are two kinds of backup sump pumps: one that runs on a rechargeable battery and one that is water powered.

Battery Back-up Pump: A 12 volt battery back-up sump pump provides extra protection if the primary pump fails. Typical battery systems can operate at least 6 hours without being recharged. A lot of homeowners use this system with an electric generator in an emergency. Most battery charged sump pumps have a controller/charger that monitors the battery condition and frequently recharges the battery. It also alerts you when the back up pump is activated.

Water Powered Back-up Pump: Like fighting fire with fire, you can pump water with water. Water-powered back-up sump pumps are connected to your main water supply. They require no batteries at all. It starts automatically and has an unlimited run-time. With the ability to remove a quantity of up to 1,324 gallons of water per hour, these types of pumps are the only kind that are compatible with your 3/4″ municipal water supply pipes. Typically, water pressure backup pumps mount on the ceiling above your primary sump pump system.


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