My basement is finished, should I be worried about Water Leaks?

Unless proper measures are taken with maintenance and repairs, most basements will experience either water penetration or outright flooding. Keeping the basement dry is the most important objective.

Consulting with a waterproofing and foundation repair specialist to prepare the basement will ensure that homeowners are fully aware of any existing structural concerns prior to the project launch. Even if there have not been any water seepage concerns in the past, it is most likely worth taking the precaution to at least have an evaluation.

Water seepage, moisture, and flooding can cause inconveniences and catastrophic expenses. Water penetration can be caused from cosmetic issues or a structural problem with the foundation. It can cause indoor air quality issues, mold, mildew, and fungus infestations, and damage to mechanical, decorative, and personal belongings. Recommendations may include

  • Waterproofing system
  • Drainage system
  • Vapor barrier behind walls connected to a drainage system
  • Sump Pump with backup power supplies
  • Grading Correction
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Mold-, mildew-, and fungus-resistant materials, flooring, wall treatments, building materials
  • Mechanical ventilation system
  • Easy-access panels to plumbing, electrical, heating, water heater, and laundry equipment
  • Lighting and safety features: recessed lighting, egress windows, doors, and outside entries

While dedication to customer service may not always be easy to assess, there are indications of contractors dedicated to customer satisfaction. A fully transferable lifetime warranty offers 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction and ensures the company is confident of the technical abilities of their crews. Other indications may be reflected in the breadth of service promises offered:

  • Comprehensive solutions to your concerns
  • Free residential inspections and estimates (for the homeowners)
  • Top-quality brands
  • Affordable prices
  • No changes to service or price without a detailed explanation and your signature

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