How to check for Street Creep?

Luckily, street creep doesn’t happen overnight. You can catch the signs of it with simple tests before it ruins your foundation.

Conduct a basic test of your own driveway and foundation for signs of street creep like this:

Check expansion joints: If the joints seem unusually tight or compressed — you might say, “squeezed” or “crushed” — you may have a problem. Take a screwdriver or flat kitchen butter knife, and trying to tamp it down between the expansion joint and the concrete. You should be able to drive the screwdriver or knife blade down a good 4-5 inches. But, if you’re hitting concrete at just 2 or 3 inches, your might have “creep.”

Check garage floor/foundation: If there are cracks in the foundation, outside or in, or if the garage floor slab is pulling away from your garage wall (foundation) then you may have a problem.

Remember, these are just possible indicators of creep. If you have real concerns consider paying either a structural engineer or a professional foundation repair contractor to come out and take a look.

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