How Much Does Waterproofing Cost?

Exterior Waterproofing is the best way to keep water out of your home. This method requires a fair amount of digging to get to expose the foundation, repair the crack and waterproof the area. The pricing will be based on the materials used for the foundation. With Interior Waterproofing, a drainage system is installed inside the basement of the home to channel the water away from the foundation. If the issue cannot be addressed from the outside of the home, damp-proofing from the inside may be the only option.

Exterior Waterproofing estimates at: $50 – $300+ per linear ft.
Interior Waterproofing estimates at: $50 – $100 per linear ft.

In most cases, our sales consultants at RCC Waterproofing are comfortable giving a quoted price for a full job. Sometimes there are unexpected costs that arise when excavating the foundation, and this will increase the cost of the overall job. These happen rarely but may include concrete underneath the soil, walkways, septic tanks and other unforeseen circumstances. Our sales consultants always give you the costs upfront and are accurate based on the conditions of your foundation.

For more details on pricing of these services and other services we offer, see our Service Pricing Guide

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