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Exterior Waterproofing Job

Stop Foundation Leaks Using Our Exterior Waterproofing Services

In this example, RCC was at a residential home that had been previously worked on by another contractor. It’s unfortunate to say that 20% of the work that RCC completes is work that failed from other companies. The area that was being repaired is a basic structural crack.

How Do You Repair External Foundation Cracks?

Typically when any house settles, it develops structural cracks. You can tell by the way the crack travels all the way from the bottom of the house to the roofline.

Structural Crack

The first step is to excavate the hole and install new weeping tile. The shoring is also installed which is very important for safety purposes.

We chisel out the crack from the top of the foundation to the bottom of the footing.  Once the foundation crack is exposed we will clean it up and prepare it for the hydraulic cement. The hydraulic cement will be used to seal the crack.

Chiseled Foundation Crack

Now that the area has been prepared, we have isolated the crack and exposed all of the rod holes that need to be repaired. We’re now going to apply the hydraulic cement to waterproof the foundation.

Hydraulic Cement Seal


The Exterior Waterproofing System

The next step once the crack has been repaired is to apply the liquid rubber which is the Hydroguard Pro series. Once the first application has been installed we then reinforce it with a fiber mesh. After that is set up we apply another layer of Hydroguard rubber to reinforce the area.

Hydroguard Liquid rubber

Now that the Hydroguard Pro system has been applied we install the Drainage Membrane. This membrane will allow water to drain down from the exterior to the weeping tile.  The fabric allows the water to drain right through, so there are two drainage actions. Once the membrane is installed, we seal up the top with a termination bar so no debris gets inside the membrane.

Membrane Drainage System

RCC Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs has been servicing Ontario customers for over 100 years. Their repairs have outlived lifetime warranties by at least two times. The company provides professionally trained sales representatives to view, assess and quote on repairs. The installers are employees of RCC and most have long term working relationships. RCC carries full insurance including WSIB coverage and HST registration.

RCC Waterproofing offers:
  • A Lifetime Waterproofing Guarantee!
  • 24-hour emergency services for Ontario residences
  • Fully trained technical sales representatives to view, assess and quote the repair
  • Over 100 years of third-generation family success both in products and services and superb warranty
  • Full-service options, providing either exterior or interior repairs depending on issues, location, and structure
  • A successful record of servicing over 75,000 customers

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