Clean Your Eavestroughs Before They Cause Water Damage

Clean Eaves Troughs To Avoid Water Damage

Autumn is here!  The days are shorter, the air is cooler and the leaves begin to fall. We’ve had some beautiful fall weekends, perfect for raking leaves in the yard.  But what about the leaves that don’t end up on the ground but instead get trapped on your roof?

Now Is The Time to Clear Your Eavestroughs

Dead leaves in eavestrough clog water flow

If you want to make sure all these leaves don’t end up clogged into your eavestroughs and downspouts, you need to begin by clearing your roof and your eaves troughs.

This may seem like an exhausting task. However, it is worth the time and effort to keep your roof dry and your eavestroughs clear.

If your eavestroughs have been clogged with leaves, water cannot run through it freely. If there’s a storm, your house and property may be in serious trouble, creating a backup within your drain.

Winter is coming,  and a clogged eaves trough is something to look out for. If the clogged debris gets too heavy, your gutter may even pull away from the roof. Just imagine the damage it would cause! The water will start leaking and running down the exterior of your house.

Last Spring, Tony Romanelli of RCC Waterproofing shared with The Star how to take action and prevent leaks. Click here to check out the full article.

In order to avoid damage and allow the water a free pathway to travel, you need to make sure your eaves troughs are clean and unclogged at all times.

Clogged Eavestroughs Can Cause……

Damage To The Roof

The whole point of building a gutter is to ensure the water has a safe and guarded pathway as it travels down your roof and passes through all the essential routes in the interior and exterior structure. However, if your eaves troughs get clogged, all the water that will accumulate in the gutter will find another way to get out. Eventually, it will begin leaking inside your house which can cause significant damage to your house.

Eavestrough Breaking Away From the Wooden Fascia

When clogged, eaves troughs tend to get heavy especially when they are filled up with water along with debris. In such a situation, it is highly likely that your gutter will be unable to hold onto the roof and it will break away from the wood fascia, causing a great deal of damage and water leakage.

Cracks In The Foundation

When the gutter is clogged and water is unable to travel freely, it begins spilling over the sides of the eaves trough and making its way into the foundation of your home. When there is a storm or heavy rains, this situation worsens as water begins to accumulate around the foundation.  And when there’s water at the foundation, you will start to see mold, cracks, leakages and several other problems.

Crack In The Foundation Of The Home

It is crucial to be preemptive at this time of year and clear out those eavestroughs before you are faced with more serious problems, including a wet basement.

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