Can you fix a leaky basement from the inside?

When it comes to the question Can you fix a leaky basement from inside? The short answer is Yes. However, the longer answer is still Yes but under certain circumstances, if the situation is okay to perform the basement leak repair inside. While doing the waterproofing from the inside of your home is much cheaper, treating foundation cracks formed on the outside of your basement walls from the inside of your home doesn’t really make sense 100% of the time. Exterior waterproofing is designed to prevent water from penetrating your foundation walls which will mean that you will never have to worry about water passing through weak points in the structure and down to your basement. Waterproofing inside of your home will only prevent water already inside of your foundation walls from seeping into your living space.

So ultimately, if you want the best results for your basement leak repair, it’s best to do it from the outside of your home. That is RCC Waterproofing’s recommendation in the majority of cases. However, there are situations where exterior waterproofing might be unfavorable for the homeowner or impossible to do and we are going to take a look at those situations. The best thing you can do if you think you have a situation like this is to speak with one of our waterproofing consultants who will have no problem giving you advice as well as a free estimate and consultation for your waterproofing project.

Basement Leak Repair for a Narrow Walkway

Some detached or semi-detached houses are built so close together that you can easily stretch your arms and touch both walls. This is a situation where it might be unfavourable to have a basement leak repair done as excavating the soil along the side of your house will also mean disturbing the soil beside your neighbour’s house which could lead to water leak issues for your’s neighbours that they were not having previously.  As well, the chance of this walkway space being made of concrete is very high which is not an ideal situation for waterproofing given the restrictions in space. In a case like this, waterproofing from the inside of the house is preferred if there is not enough space in the walkway to safely perform the exterior waterproofing.

The Homeowner has a Deck, Stone Patio, Decorative Fixtures, etc. Installed that can not be Removed

Sometimes the place where the water is leaking into your basement is the same place where you have a finished outdoor fixture and it would be inconvenient for the homeowner to have it removed or demolished. This can include decks, stone patios, machinery, decorative outdoor fixtures, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, or other types of outdoor fixtures of this nature. Removing any of these could be a major expense for the homeowner; in this case, it would be better for the waterproofing contractors to repair the basement leak from the inside of the home.

The Basement Leaks are a result of Hydrostatic Pressure

Your basement water issue may not actually be a foundation leak but rather a hydrostatic pressure issue, which means that water seeps through the basement slab because the groundwater beneath the concrete rises and falls. In the event that our waterproofing consultants find hydrostatic pressure buildup in your basement, we can do this basement leak repair using interior waterproofing methods and waterproofing materials.\

In these situations, it’s potentially possible to use interior waterproofing methods instead of digging up around your foundation with the exterior waterproofing process. But we say “potentially” because not every home is built the same and there could be other factors that may prevent fixing a basement leak repair from the inside. It’s important to consult the waterproofing experts in your area to see if waterproofing your foundation walls has to be done from the outside or if it can be done inside your walls. Our waterproofing experts are always ready to help you make the decision for your home and they provide free waterproofing consultation and waterproofing quotes to help you make the decision.

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