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Wet Basement? Since 1920, homeowners and businesses trust RCC Waterproofing Aurora to solve their leaky basement problems with waterproofing solutions and basement foundation repair. With 100 years of fixing wet basements, damp basements, foundation cracks and basement leaks, RCC’s basement waterproofing experience is second to none and backed by a lifetime warranty. If you have a wet basement, RCC is the waterproofing contractor for you.

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RCC Waterproofing

Industry-leading Waterproofing Services,
Products and Warranty

RCC provides a variety of Industry-Leading Waterproofing Solutions tailored for the foundation repair needed for your home. RCC’s team has experience waterproofing every type of foundation walls, whether they are older homes or new construction. We use the best waterproofing products for the job and back your basement waterproofing jobs with a lifetime warranty guarantee.


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RCC has been featured in many news articles, interviews and television appearances over the years, across news outlets from Toronto, Aurora, Mississauga, Hamilton and more. News sources trust RCC Waterproofing to provide the information customers need to know about waterproofing solutions.

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Why RCC Waterproofing is the
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Contractor In Aurora

Aurora Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Aurora Wet Basement waterproofing solutions to fix your leaky basement. RCC Waterproofing focuses on giving you the best waterproofing experience that will find the root of your basement leaks and make sure the foundation crack repair takes care of the issues.

Written Estimates

Written estimate provided from our experienced sales representatives prior to basement waterproofing and any foundation repair. It’s important for our customers to have a conversation with our sales reps and hold a written estimate before commencing with any waterproofing job.

Waterproofing Reviews

Aurora basement waterproofing reviews and testimonials available. RCC Waterproofing has profiles on every major construction industry review site like HomeStars and Trusted Pros where you can view our outstanding reputation and read reviews from other people who have used our waterproofing services.

Guaranteed Lowest Price

Guaranteed lowest price in Aurora for basement waterproofing and foundation repair! Our prices are competitive with the Aurora waterproofing market and all of our quoted work is sealed with our lifetime warranty guarantee. With the quality of our work from an experienced waterproofing crew, the knowledge of our seasoned sales reps and our consumer friendly lifetime warranty guarantee, you are getting the best waterproofing package in Toronto.

Over 100,000 Waterproofing Projects

Over 100,000 foundations repaired and waterproofed in Aurora, Toronto, Hamilton, London, and all the surrounding areas. RCC Waterproofing crews service all of Southern Ontario providing all types of waterproofing solutions like exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing or underpinning, regardless of where you live. You can find a similar waterproofing job close to your home on our waterproofing projects page.

Permanently Dry Toronto Basements

Aurora Wet Basements made permanently dry, from the inside or outside (with or without digging!) Our experienced waterproofing crew offers a range of different waterproofing solutions designed for your unique leaky basement application. Whether it’s exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, foundation crack repair, or underpinning, we have plenty of waterproofing services to offer.

Waterproofing Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Written lifetime warranty guarantee upon basement waterproofing completion! Our lifetime warranty guarantee is part of the relationship with our customers to make sure your basement foundation remains leak free for years to come. If there’s any issues post basement foundation repair, you can count on our waterproofing crews to come and make it right.

Commercial Grade Waterproofing Products

We only use commercial grade waterproofing products like Hydro Guard! It’s important to have the very best waterproofing materials used in your waterproofing job. Hydro Guard rubberized membrane, in combination with the reinforcement mesh and drainage membrane, makes your foundation walls completely leak free.

Most Referred Toronto Waterproofing Contractor

Aurora's most referred basement foundation waterproofing contractor by our satisfied customers who have used our waterproofing services. Customers appreciate our level of professionalism with every waterproofing job which includes keeping the site clean and tidy, removal of excess debris, and quality waterproofing work.



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