5 Reasons Why RCC Was Voted Top Waterproofing Company In The GTA!!

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Last weekend we had the honor of receiving the 2016 Top Choice Award for being the Top Waterproofing Company in the Greater Toronto Area!

As a third generation family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on being the top foundation experts in the GTA.

We believe in exceeding the expectations of our clients and not only doing amazing work but be amazing to work with.  The reasons for this award are simple.

5 Reasons Why RCC Remains The Top Waterproofing Company in the GTA

1. Our Level Of Experience Is Second To None!

RCC Waterproofing has completed over 75,000 waterproofing projects in Southern Ontario. As Ontario’s largest and oldest waterproofing company, RCC completes more projects on a yearly basis than any other waterproofing company in Canada.

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2. We’re On The Cutting Edge Of Waterproofing Technology

RCC has been a contributor to the development of waterproofing technology and has invented some of the most widely used waterproofing systems today.

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3. RCC is Fully Bonded, Licensed, and Insured including WSIB Coverage and HST Registration

RCC has workers compensation and liability insurance, not just general construction or office insurance.

The difference is that if something were to happen on the job and the proper insurance is not in place, neither the homeowner or the company would be covered.  RCC is fully bonded and insured, that way both you and your home are protected in the event of an accident.

4. We Believe In Comprehensive & Ongoing Training For Our Team

Our close-knit team includes a wealth of experience for both sales and operational assistance. We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge of our team and conduct regular training sessions to keep our crew up to speed on the latest developments in waterproofing technology and workplace safety.  No other waterproofing company can offer the same.

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5. Our Customers Are Happy To Refer Us

RCC customers are happy to provide references. Just check out our Reviews page including Video reviews that show how much we value our customers by providing exceptional service in solving their wet basement problems.

RCC Reviews

Your home is your most treasured asset!  Make sure you choose a waterproofing company that has your best interest in mind and is committed to solving your #1 problem: a wet basement!

RCC Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs has been servicing Ontario customers for over 100 years. Their repairs have outlived lifetime warranties by at least two times. The company provides professionally trained sales representatives to view, assess and quote on repairs. The installers are employees of RCC and most have long term working relationships. RCC carries full insurance including WSIB coverage and HST registration.

RCC Waterproofing offers:
  • A Lifetime Waterproofing Guarantee!
  • 24-hour emergency services for Ontario residences
  • Fully trained technical sales representatives to view, assess and quote the repair
  • Over 100 years of third-generation family success both in products and services and superb warranty
  • Full-service options, providing either exterior or interior repairs depending on issues, location, and structure
  • A successful record of servicing over 75,000 customers

To learn more, contact RCC Waterproofing at 416-747-1920 or Toll-Free 1-888-766-2071 or Contact RCC for a Free Inspection